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Wingdingz Zoom will let you create professional invitations
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Wingdingz Zoom is a free program that will let you create professional invitations.
This program will allow you to use any of its built-in templates or you can start your design from the scratch. You can add your own pictures and text to your project with the fonts that you want to use, using the font colors and sizes that you prefer. It is also possible to add shapes, borders and shadows to your project. The program can show you a ruler that will let you know the size of the components you are using in millimeters or inches. The program can be set to automatically check for updates each time you launch it. You can use several tools, like the zoom in or zoom out features, or the cut and paste functions in order to prepare your invitation.

Once you finish your project, you will not be able to print anything. This program is provided for free in order to enable you to send your invitations to Wingdingz, and order the printings to them. To do this, you must obtain an account with your payment information.

In brief, Wingdingz Zoom is a nice utility if you plan to use this printing service.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It includes nice templates


  • You cannot print anything by yourself
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